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Value engineering (VE) is a systematic method to improve the "value" of goods or products and services by using an examination of function. Construction means & methods, emerging technologies and material costs are examples of variables that directly affect our clients' cost to build. Fluctuations in these variables can occur frequently, sometimes randomly, thus requiring our firm to stay ahead and on top of relevant industry updates. Maintaining an edge on that information, coupled with our extensive experience in a wide variety of building systems, allows us to properly balance the effects of function and cost on overall value. These analyses are presented to our clients as cost saving options.


When applied to the construction industry, value engineering can save millions of dollars and can even improve the projects aesthetics. It is important that the value engineering does not have a negative impact on the project or result in long term maintenance issues. 


Blue Sky Services Commercial Construction continuous review on new technologies, systems, materials, products and construction will help the project team reduce construction costs, decrease operational and maintenance costs, optimize project schedules, reduce waste, use resources wisely and develop innovative solutions.


Our value engineering services consist of a systematic, top-down review of all design and construction elements with the objective of identifying cost effective product/system substitution solutions and/or streamlined sequence of construction solutions. The ultimate end is to provide our clients with innovative cost savings that need not compromise design intent, performance or long term maintenance. When implemented at the planning and design stages, these results are significantly enhanced.

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